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    Magellan Biosciences

    Dear Mark,

    I would like to take this opportunity to recognize Americad Technology for your excellent quality and workmanship you have supplied in the fabrication of my Molded Components.  Americad consistently meets my delivery deadlines and stringent quality guidelines.  I will always look to Americad to handle my short to medium run molded component requirements.  Thanks for all your support and technical knowledge.

    Best Regards

    Mark Brady
    Purchasing Manager


    Dynaflo is engaged in the design, development and manufacture of custom-engineered vacuum pumps and compressors for portable medical applications.  Using some of the most advanced 3-D solid-modeling software currently available, our latest designs push the envelope of what is achievable in sub-fractional horsepower mechanical devices.  It is fair to say that without Americad's expertise in prototype part fabrication, much of what we have accomplished would simply not have been possible.  Many of our component parts include complex, multi-dimensional features (some as small as 0.010 inch) with geometries that would be prohibitively expensive, if not impossible, to fabricate by conventional machining methods.  Americad's cutting edge fabrication technologies offer us a cost-effective alternative.  Equally importantly, Americad's responsiveness and attention to detail have proven critical to our ability to develop new product rapidly and with fewer iterations.  For SLA prototyping, Americad is our only source.

    Bill Fleming

   Design at Work, LLC
    product design and engineering

    For over ten years, I have worked consistently with Americad in developing my prototypes and short-run production projects. My firm specializes in the design and engineering of products, and that means plenty of prototypes and test models. Americad consistently delivers a quality product within a reasonable budget and delivers when promised. Their quality and attention to my projects along with their courtesy and professionalism reflects well on my company before my clients.  I will keep going back to Americad. 

    David Conroy
    Design at Work

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