Straight Talk...

   We have read with interest the web sites of some of our competitors.  One in particular takes credit for inventing new techniques
   and processes that Americad has been using for decades.  We understand their sense of discovery in a business that’s relatively
   new to them.  But we wish they’d contain their enthusiasm. 

   Americad avoids the use of terms such as “biggest”, “longest”, “fastest”, “most years of service”.  How would we know? 
   We would never claim a process “unique”, especially proprietary names for standard resins available to anyone on the open
   market.  Over the past 45 years Americad has sampled countless resins, and evaluated their performance for inclusion in our
   repertoire.  This allows us to continually improve our offerings by exploiting several large corporate formulators rather than tie
   ourselves to some pretence of internal magic.  So if you happen across one of our competitors’ slick web sites, be a little skeptical
   when they tell you they just invented a new kind of fire, or the wheel, or sliced bread.

   Just for the fun of it, we can come up with some impressive numbers of our own.  Our top six people engaged in actually making
   parts here at Americad average 33 years each performing their same specialty.   That’s 198 years of experience we can put to
   work for you.


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