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4/28/2021 Newsletter

4/28/2021 Newsletter

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Americad Technology

4/28/2021 Newsletter


Americad, declared from the beginning of the pandemic by our medical/laboratory equipment customers as essential, has fared better than most. With some humility and much sympathy for those for whom this pandemic has been a tragedy – the 574,000 deaths, the small businesses ruined, the many people emotionally drained -- Americad has adapted and survived the new reality.

Orders doubled, tripled, quadrupled and still they kept coming, requiring us to perform triage to optimize deliveries.

With common sense practices about masks and spacing that we adopted as far back as early March 2020, long before becoming a national protocol, we were able keep our hard working crew on the job throughout and successfully delivered parts to customers as they needed them.

Management performed admirably as they adapted and overcame constantly changing priorities and conditions, vendor issues, and customer demands.

80% of Americad is vaccinated or scheduled to be, and as slots become available we are assisting the rest to find a convenient appointment.

We kept our facility safe by encouraging our employees to report their own suspicious symptoms. We did this by paying them extended sick pay to stay home until they had a negative test or the disease had run its two week course. Only the few who got the virus did so at home but were still eligible. No one abused our policy. And those that never got sick were grateful that the offer of support kept our facility safe.

Americad is grateful to all those customers, vendors, employees and especially Operation Warp Speed for making our survival possible.

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