Our client base consists of original equipment manufacturers and
   engineering firms that develop high value products with appealing
   aesthetics in low volumes. Many of these companies are in the medical,
   laboratory, electronic test systems, homeland security, and
   communication industries. Often the need is for low volume production
   to support Alfa, Beta or Certification testing.

   But in many more cases projected production volumes never exceed our
   capacity to comfortably and flexibly supply the customer with their entire
   production run -- in shipments of as few as five units.

   The ability to produce deliverable parts in low volumes using inexpensive tooling is key to our success.  While we are adept at a
   full range of part sizes and durometers, our particular claim to fame is our ability to produce very large bezels, housings, and
   enclosures in high quality, stable, and serviceable urethane plastic.

   Many of our customers find our process has specific advantages over thermo-forming techniques such as vacuum-forming, as
   well as different advantages over other processes such as structural foam and RIM.

   Please look over the variety of parts shown in the gallery.  Each one represents a very satisfied customer.
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